About our in-country contacts

Why do we work with countries?

We want to understand how governments across the world are innovating. This is why we work with a National Contact Points (NCP) Network. The NCP Network comprises representatives from OECD country governments, who:

  • Advise OPSI on its projects
  • Share local policies, practice, initiatives and information
  • Connect OPSI to the people we need to work with so our projects have the right reach and impact

The network is a space for international conversation about innovation so that our projects remain relevant to the daily reality of governments’ work in this area.

Get in contact

Are you a government leader, manager, practitioner? Connect to the network to:

  • Make contact with your in-country representative
  • Share your country-level innovation project to build local and international knowledge
  • Work with us and the network on our projects and shared goals