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Lab Connections

How do countries get insight into the big issues that are affecting them, such as the refugee crisis or youth unemployment? How do they come up with new ways of seeing problems that allow for new ways of responding? On the 17th and 18th of October the European Commission hosted the event “Lab Connections: Policy Labs in Europe, for Europe” to look at one mechanism that is increasingly used by governments to come up with...
This blog was authored by guest blogger, Bruno Queiroz Cunha, Advisor, Special Advisory Unit for Management Modernization, Brazilian Ministry of Planning Innovation requires a certain amount of creativity and dynamic thinking, two qualities that come somewhat naturally in Brazil. The country’s recent Innovation Week was all about harnessing these attributes for positive change in the public sector. From November 30th and December 4th, several hundred participants embarked enthusiastically…
If you are trying to raise awareness of innovation – both the need for it, and ways of doing it – and trying to help public servants learn about the process of innovation, how might you proceed? In Australia, we established ‘Innovation Month’ – a month long series of events and activities about innovation targeted at public servants and interested stakeholders and partners. In 2015, Innovation Month had the theme of ‘Dream, Dare, Do’ and...