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SPILNO is a participatory digital democracy platform for citizens, organizations and local governments. It was created to improve communication of active citizens, acceleration of ideas, initiatives, implementation of socially important projects. A platform of interaction between government and community through the tools of e-democracy.
Innovation helps citizens extract value from open data on the use of public funds and fosters accountability of public authorities for goods, services and works purchased. With the help of the electronic platform, the citizens and business can complain about non-competitive behaviour, poor quality or check the efficiency of procurement by their city council, school, hospital. Introduction of AI-powered risk monitoring allowed anyone to find and act upon violations in a fast and simple manner.
Ukraine is transforming its public procurement system to bring public procurement into the open, so citizens get a better deal and government runs smoothly. EBRD has supported the Ukrainian government to develop a new legal framework, and to develop cutting edge tools which can process vast amounts of procurement data in real time. State auditors can now quickly & pre-emptively spot risks or inefficiencies in the system and address them. It is the first innovation of this kind in the world.
ProZorro is a hybrid electronic government e-procurement system created as the result of a partnership between business, government and the civil society in Ukraine. Innovative public procurement system delivering government services in a stakeholder-focused, transparent, fair and low-cost way. In two years of operation of ProZorro saved $1.9 billion of budget funds and became a leader in openess of goverment data on public procurement.