Education in Open Government

Education in Open Government is a project whose main objective is to foster social and civic competences for the exercise of one's democratic citizenship in children and young people. It involves three phases:
1) Teachers' training via a massive online open course (MOOC).
2) Implementation of educational projects in schools: for this purpose, 3 guides of Education in Open Government have been published: Primary Education, Secondary Education and High School.
3) Evaluation of the experiences.

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Nowadays, there is a decline in trust in public institutions and a lack of interest in public affairs. Open Government gives citizens the opportunity to demand transparency and accountability from public administrations, as well as to participate actively in public decision-making. It involves a cultural change that is expected to repair trust in democracy. Education in Open Government aims to accelerate this cultural change, transmitting the principles of Open Government to those citizens who will be making decisions in the future.

The project seeks to educate children and young people to be responsible citizens. Open government education guides for Primary, Secondary Education and High School show open government initiatives adapted to each educational stage, so that students can understand its importance and how they can demand transparency and participate in public affairs. The target population at the present is students, but the benefits will reach the whole of society.
The project started in 2018 in Secondary Education schools in 8 regions of Spain, as well as in 1 Spanish center of Portugal. During the 2018/2019 school year, it is being expanded to other regions and to Primary and High School students. The coordination is carried out by the General Subdirectorate of Open Government (General Directorate of Public Governance).

The evaluation of the pilot project was carried out through a seminar-workshop with participating teachers. In terms of areas of improvement, the following were highlighted: 1) to facilitate the recognition of participating schools, through prizes or awards, and 2) the inclusion of open government education in the academic curriculum. The General Directorate of Public Governance is working on both issues in order to scale the impact of the project.

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