MEData strategy in Medellín

MEData is the strategy for providing, appropriating and using the public data of Medellin. It will become the official information source of the city, where citizens will have constant and reliable data that can be used to generate knowledge, promote technological innovation and boost economy. it is the first government platform that integrates strategic information sources into a big data technology and automatically synchronizes them with an open data portal.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The city of Medellín has been positioned in recent years as one of the most innovative cities in the country, this process of innovation has been successful thanks to the articulation of the public sector, private sector and social movements driven by citizens. One of the city strategies to be a smarter city is the MEData whose innovation is the availability of a source of constant, reliable and open information that can be used to generate knowledge, progress and innovation for citizens, universities, companies, local government, among others.
In the future, the platform wants to collect data in real time and through the data improve the quality of life for the citizens.

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Year: 2019
Level of government: Local government


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