Municipality Governance Scorecard

Citizen-centric Municipal Governance Scorecard is an innovation for improving local good governance. The main objective is furthering local good governance through transforming good governance principles into practical, measurable processes and actions. The model consisted of 227 indicators for the seven principles along decision-making, resource allocation, service delivery and institutional capacity stages. The data collection is geared for citizen use, based on digitally available information.

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The Municipality Governance Scorecard (MGS) is an innovative tool with its design and content. The lack of good governance culture at local level cause multiple issues such as non-inclusive policy making, ineffective and inefficient use of resources, lack of participation and partnership. At the root of these issues are not enough openness, transparency and accountability. Also, citizen-centric public sector culture is not widespread. The MGS is an integrated tool for mapping and measuring the local good governance habitat and practices. The principles are turned into everyday practices for different policy stages and aspects of public governance. Thereby, it measures but also guides good governance mechanisms and practices. Furthermore, the best governance practices are identified and shared for peer-learning. The methodology, scorecards, best practices and indicators are shared in a Guide and also available at a website.

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