National Open Data Portal of Tunisia

The National Open Data Portal is a single access point for all data produced by public institutions for the purpose of :
- Complying with the provisions of the organic Law on access to information in its section on the proactive publication of public data in open format;
- Promoting the reuse of public data to stimulate innovation and the creation of new value-added services aiming to enhance the economic growth; and
- Strengthening the transparency and integrity of governmental activities.

Innovation Summary

Innovation Overview

The National Open Data portal is a unified repository of all public data published in open format. It centralizes the data manually fed via the back office of the portals of several government entities and other sectoral open data portals.

The main goals of this platform are to:
- Improve the citizens empowerment and activate their participation in public affairs;
- Enrich the analyzes and researches specially in the academic field;
- Improve the quality of public services and create new services in compliance with citizens needs
- Develop new innovative services by the private sector (startups, developers,...);
- Improve strategic decision-making

The beneficiaries of this initiative are various, including citizens, private sector, academia, media and civil society organizations (CSOs).

Planned measures for the future: In order to sustain and institutionalize the open data publication process by public authorities, and to establish an ecosystem in favor of the innovation and economic development, an open data Decree is being drafted by the Tunisian Government. This decree will provide the governance model for the national open data program, and will define associated technical standards.

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Year: 2016
Organisation Type: Government
Level of government: National/Federal government

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