Online progress monitoring of the Open Governmment commitments

In order to set a common understanding of the progress made on the Government action plan related to Open Government, an online platform publicly shares the details of every government commitment and its corresponding progress. This approach offers:

- A framework for coordination between the different administration entities around Open Government
- A tool for transparency and accountability to be used by civil society and the general public

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Coevaluation is a fundamental principle of Open Government. The general public, civil society, and all stakeholders should have access to the necessary information to evaluate the degree of the respect of different commitments of the government action plan. Yet, a posteriori evaluation is often obsolete as it leaves little window for improvement. And any feedback cannot be applied to current action plans.

The project is an online system that enables continuous public monitoring and evaluation of different Open Government commitments. This approach achieves these objectives:

1- For the public administration:
- It facilitates coordination between different administrations.
- It identifies delays or blockages that require high management decisions. As the platform measures and monitors the respect of the present planning.

2- For the general public and civil society:
- It enables transparency on the actions taken by the government.
- It enables facts and data based accountability on government actions.

This system is currently officially used and administered by the OGP coordination team under the Ministry of Administration Reform and Public Functions. It is under continuous improvements based on the demands of civil society and public servants involved in the Open Government process. Some near time improvements include an automated notification system, a standard reporting system, and a more elaborate index system.

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Year: 2019
Level of government: National/Federal government


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