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Sardinia Region involved all the mobility stakeholders in participating in the “federated network of collective transport open data” and all the data concerning scheduled services were published: buses, trains, ferries, airplanes. Various info-mobility services were developed by ICT enterprises. A web application was developed to allow users to notify transport inefficiencies to agencies and public administration, which are now interconnected with users in order to improve public service quality.

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Air and maritime accessibility and integration with land transport network are, for the islands, key aspects to guarantee territorial continuity and cohesion with the European Union. In addition, collective transport and intermodality are the most effective solutions for reducing the environmental impacts caused by vehicles emissions.
People and goods mobility is strictly related to information availability. The more information is available and usable, the lower the impediments people and goods experience before and during the journey. The more information is shared by the whole community, the more the community can participate in improving the system.
In Sardinia region public transport counts 16,000 trips paid with over 200.000.000 euros of public fees. Service monitoring is therefore difficult in a capillary manner. Users are distributed throughout the whole network and can offer, in their own interest, an important contribution reporting the discrepancies.

Federated network of collective transport open data

The Open Data paradigm (standardization, accessibility, availability, machine readable, no restrictions for reuse) well fit to the need to maximize the use, reuse and dissemination of mobility information. If those who produce the data (transport authorities and agencies) publish them in open data and keep them updated, they can guarantee quality of data, avoiding the diffusion of incorrect data and information. The Reg. Del. 1926/2017 goes in the same direction.
Sardinia Region involved all the mobility stakeholders in participating to the "federated network of collective transport open data"
The interoperability standards were shared, and the static data of all the scheduled services were published: Bus, Trains, Ferries, Airplanes. After only 2 months, various info-mobility services were developed by ICT enterprises.

Improving service quality by civic engagement

Transparency obtained by open data polices stimulated civic participation. Sardinia region tested a web application that allows users to notify discrepancies, in the same moment, to transport authority and agencies. Therefore, the Regional Department for Transport and agencies are now requested to solve the problems faced by users. Two semi-annual reports are published to highlight the activities implemented to address the critical issues raised by users.


1) To increase accessibility and intermodality
Development gap caused by insularity is strictly related to accessibility. People and goods need to rely on modal transfer with effective information and reliable sources

2) To enhance transport services integration
Transport authorities and agencies need to share information for integrated services

3) To Customize info-mobility services for people and goods
People and goods need customized information services for agile mobility

4) To improve public service quality by civic engagement
Users can collaborate with transport authorities to identify and report the disruptions and inefficiencies to be corrected.

Achieved results

1) Creation of the open data federated network Scheduled services data standardization and interoperability for all transport modes. Increased data accessibility, quality, interoperability.

2) New customized info-mobility services for people and goods with no cost for public administration

3) Development of a new web application for transport users claims

4) 1000 Claims sent to transport authority and agencies - 4 Claims reports published - Improved collective transport monitoring and quality with no cost (

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Year: 2017
Organisation Type: Government
Level of government: Regional/State government

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