SPILNO – digital democracy platforms for citizens, organizations and government institutions

SPILNO is a participatory digital democracy platform for citizens, organizations and local governments. It was created to improve communication of active citizens, acceleration of ideas, initiatives, implementation of socially important projects. A platform of interaction between government and community through the tools of e-democracy.

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The platform SPILNO facilitates a bilateral dialogue between the municipal government of the city and its inhabitants. Citizens publish ideas, take part in competitions, public consultations, debates, implement joint projects in a convenient and accessible form.

The municipal authorities of the city consult with their citizens by conducting online debates, public consultations, polls or holding a contest of creative solutions for the existing problem. The platform SPILNO helps cities turn to the collective intelligence of citizens. Understand, hear citizens. Become more sensitive to the needs of the public.

SPILNO helps local governments become more citizen-oriented. SPILNO helps citizens participate in the process of managing a city, making decisions, and developing local policies.

Thanks to the user-friendly cloud solution, we significantly simplify the process of communication and the attraction and cooperation of the most vulnerable segments of the population. Like any similar Internet solution, the platform allows users to join the process of participation of all segments of the population despite religion, gender, political preferences, nationality, skin color and participate in the discussion on equal terms with all other participants. Also, the cloud service platform, due to the absence of the need for administration, moderation, support, and maintenance of the platform, allows residents of small towns to join the process of participation. The availability of Internet access is all that is necessary for city residents in order to join the platform.

The SPILNO platform allows all citizens to express their opinion, suggestion, comment on equal terms, and so receive an answer, comment, recommendations from other participants of the platform.

The SPILNO solution makes attracting citizens to participate affordable, easy, understandable and convenient!

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Year: 2019
Level of government: Local government


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