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The Privy Council Office's Impact and Innovation Unit’s (IIU) developed this guidance for impact measurement, in support of its work under Impact Canada. This resource provides an introduction to the topic, as well as a reference for those involved in the design, delivery, procurement or appraisal of impact measurement strategies in Canada and beyond. It provides descriptions and considerations of different ways of measuring impact versus traditional methods. It includes the reasoning for…

Web Experience Toolkit (WET)

Hero HERO:
Editable source files available
A front-end framework for building websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile friendly and multilingual for the Government of Canada and beyond, the resource includes a collection of of flexible and themeable templates and reusable components and related guidance. Content is also available in French.

Do-it-Yourself Open Data Toolkit

Basic BASIC:
Allows reuse
The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Open Data Toolkit provides a step-by-step guidance on how to develop an open data initiative. The Toolkit is primarily intended for municipalities that have not yet begun an open data project and need some guidance on how to implement one. It can also be referenced by other governments or organizations who are considering initiating an open data initiative. The toolkit includes: Open data orientation, Planning considerations, Publishing sample data sets, Adopting an open…

Foresight Training Manual

This guide is a facilitation toolkit for staff at Horizons and others interested in practising the Horizons Foresight Method in their own organizations. Its aims are to build foresight literacy in general, to explain the Horizons Foresight Method in particular, and to build capacity for horizon scanning in the Canadian federal government and other organizations. It provides a detailed description of concepts and processes, divided into 6 modules. Modules include facilitation guides, tip sheets,…