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The website is aims to be a major knowledge broker in the behavioral sciences, particularly behavioral economics and related areas (nudging, behavior change, etc.). The site contains a guide (published annually), a blog, a LinkedIn group, and job board. The site’s mission is to connect people, provide resources, as well as promote the growth and relevance of the discipline. Note that behavioral economics is a specific application of behavioral science. Downloading the guide requires you to enter your email address and sign up for their newsletter.

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One review for "Behavioural Economics Guide"

  1. The Behavioural Economics Guide is an optimal tool to better understand the concepts that can lie behind complex projects that aim to change or have an impact with a policy or intervention towards the economy. It is very well presented with rich references and sources, and it is free for download at its’ website. Yet, there is a clear limitation when it comes to engage with the user, offering very few case studies that count with dynamic graphs and other ways to transmit a pedagogical message in several ways. Nonetheless it remains a very helpful tool, especially for policy makers interested in getting a clear conceptualization of the field and starting to get diverse references before commencing a project or intervention.

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