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Board of Innovation – Innovation tools

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This is a collection of tools developed through transforming leading innovation management theory into hands-on, easy-to-use, actionable innovation tools. The tools are organized in the categories: Culture, Business model, Validation, Pitching, Technology, Strategy, Problem discovery and Ideation. Each tool contains a description and a step-by-step guide telling how to approach it. The resource also includes guides, videos, posters, quizzes, etc., which provide knowledge within the field of innovation management and design thinking.

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One review for "Board of Innovation – Innovation tools"

  1. This collection is a set of really well-crafted tools with a very coherent graphic design. The tools have user friendly and comprehensive guides, which makes it easier to get started. However, several of the tools are quite complicated, and might require a lot of background knowledge and experience, or at least some studying to get the full benefit. When browsing the tools, it is a good idea to use the categorization, which gives a better overview of the content. There are a lot of tools, guides, quizzes and posters to choose from, and the preview is limited. This means that you have to download a tool to really know if it is what you are looking for. When using the Board of Innovation tools in public sector innovation, it is important to be aware of changing the business perspective. What is in focus in your public sector project, what is the strategy, the value creation in the concrete context. In order to download the tools as a PDF-file you have to fill out name and e-mail.

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