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Canvas Generation – The Open Visual Design Thinking Library

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A library with over 150 different canvases and tools, all in relation to the Business Model Canvas and other visual design canvases. The canvases within the library focus on generating insights, strategic business development, value creation, value chains and user insight. The library contains quick tutorials and canvases in many languages and organises canvases by how they are licensed for reuse and remixing. The tools themselves are accessed by the canvas publisher's websites, which are linked in this resource. Canvas creators can also request access and add their own canvas to the library.

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One review for "Canvas Generation – The Open Visual Design Thinking Library"

  1. This is a very extensive library of tools that offers a lot of opportunities to work intensively with the Business Model Canvas approach. It is also a great place to get inspiration for different ways of working with business development and strategy. It may be an advantage to use the folder search function, which can give a quick overview of various topics. The collections of canvases do require some background knowledge of the Business Canvas Model, because most of the canvases is a variation or a supplement to the model. That said, there are a lot of guides and tutorials for each tool, which makes it easier to get started. However, the uniformity of the tools in relation to graphic design and the general approach is quite helpful. Due to the quantity of tools, navigating the library can be challenging, especially since the search filter is very limited. A few of the tools are unfortunately not available in English and appears only in either German or Portuguese.

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