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This is a collection of six workbooks containing tools and guides for transitioning towards a Circular Economy. The workbooks relate to the six focus areas:

1) Circular Economy Sustainability Screening
2) Circular Economy Business Modelling
3) Circular Product Design and Development
4) Smart Circular Economy
5) Closing the Loop for a Circular Economy and
6) Collaborating and Networking for a Circular Economy.

Each workbook contains an introduction to each Circular Economy topic followed by guides, activities and tools. A library of tools is also available separately on the publisher's website.

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One review for "CIRCit Workbooks"

  1. This collection of workbooks is a thoroughly piece of work from the CIRCit project. It delivers different approaches to Circular Economy, containing inspiring information and tools. Together, the six workbooks provide a broad perspective on Circular Economy, so that insights about the more strategic level in circular business development also becomes part of the equation. The descriptive steps make it very easy to understand and use. At the end the steps are demonstrated in an exemplary case, making it more relatable for the reader. The explanations are very comprehensive and informative and applies for both beginners of the design approach and the more experienced practitioners. If you want to work with the tools described in the workbooks, they are to be found at the CIRCit webpage. This is by the way not informed in the workbooks, so you will have to search for it yourself. A hint is to click the RESULTS dropdown menu and choose Tools.

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