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This resource is for creating equitable change in schools and learning environments. It helps build the capacity of school communities and learning coordinators to set and pursue equity aspirations, so that every student is future-ready, no matter their background, circumstances, or learning preferences. The resource is based on a design thinking process and includes an overview, methods, and instructions that are specifically tailored to learning environments. The resource includes sections: build your team, define your aspiration, know your students, start hacking, understand impact, and showcase. The resource is web-based and includes links to several tools as well as guidance materials. The entire toolkit is available for download for free with email registration. The web-based resource also features an online community.

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One review for "Co-designing schools toolkit"

  1. This is a great toolkit with such an inspiring and important purpose; empowering educators to facilitate the creation of change by boosting school communities’ collective belief in their ability to create equitable change. The toolkit is developed by The Teachers Guild x School Retool and now merged, TGxSR is a professional learning community of educators who design meaningful learning and belonging so that every learner, students and adults alike, thrive. Going forward, both programs will be incubated in partnership with IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio. The toolkit is easy to access and divided into 6 phases, build your team, define your aspiration, get to know your students, start hacking, Observe and understand your impact, and Showcase your work. Each phase consists of several methods and activities – all described in a detailed way including the time one need to allocate. All content and templates can be downloaded. Even it this toolkit is easy to access and very pedagogical, the full value will probably happen once you have gained some experience from using the toolkit several times.

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