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Comment-Faire: Le Jeu

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Designed with the assistance of the CNFPT and the DGAFP, this game is inspired by "Chutes & Ladders": a board game where the team must realize the major stages of their project, and sometimes encounters ladders (these "little miracles" that win several boxes at once) and chutes (these pitfalls that push back the project carrier). The resource is in French.

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2 reviews for "Comment-Faire: Le Jeu"

  1. This toolkit is unique as it looks like a children’s game. It is dynamic and visual. Innovating in the public administration joyfully, despite the difficulties, becomes possible thanks to it!
    It includes clear steps that make it adaptable to each particular project. Thus, the user considers many aspects of it. It divides the steps into different colours (the start of the project, customers/users, prototyping, evaluating, and implementing the solutions) that become easy to identify. It leads to a human-centred design. It is a resume of the process of design thinking. Thus, it is a useful tool to have a clear and global view of the process, the stakeholders, etc. And on the website, the user can deepen the different steps of the design process, which makes it understandable for beginners. It also provides advice on how to print the different parts of the game: the game itself and the steps.
    Public servants might find the most value from this toolkit. And for public servants that are not familiarized with design thinking, it could be a dynamic introduction to it, especially thanks to the explanations on the website and the clear steps. It requires specialized knowledge of the stakeholders of public action. And the step about the design method could be explained in more detail if we wanted to adapt it to beginners, as many concepts might be unknown to them. This toolkit provides more details to the user on how to adapt its own project to the general methods than the IDEO Design Kit, for example.

  2. Comment faire: le Jeu is a public innovation toolkit designed by the French Secrétariat-Général for Government Modernization. It is really simple as it is adapted from the classic Chutes and Ladders game, which is an important quality for a Toolkit. Atop of this accessibility, the fact that it’s produced by a governmental organism makes it fit for use in the public sector.
    This toolkit can be downloaded for free and consists of three pdf files: the board, the rules and the challenge (défi) cards. The board resembles a normal chutes and ladders game, except it includes design phases for a project. The rules file is truly interesting because it recaps the basic rules required to play, but also gives indications to the players and game leaders on how they need to act: be comprehensive, respect everyone’s opinion, talk and let the other players talk… Lastly, some of the challenge cards are left blank for the players to customize, meaning that the game can be adapted to a diverse panel of situations. Overall, this toolkit is really good because through teamwork and cooperation, it gives an outline for innovation projects from the design standpoint.

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