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Game of Life 2050

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The Game of Life 2050 draws on scenarios for a sustainable European society in 2050. It is an interactive board game in which players consider four scenarios that describe the radical changes needed to be living within key environmental boundaries by 2050.
The game takes a minimum of 2 hours to run (ideally 4 hours) and involves 5-7 actors (each played by one person or in pairs) and one Games Master.
Play consists of three ‘rounds’ in which actors are given a set of circumstances that have unfolded at 10, 20 and 30 years into the timeline, and must decide from a range of options how they will respond.
Game materials and guidebook are both available for download.

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One review for "Game of Life 2050"

  1. Game of Life 2050 is a toolkit provided by the Futures Centre and the EU policy lab. Sadly, the link provided here leads to a blank page. I also looked up on the Futures Centre website but couldn’t find anything. Hence, I had to rely on press articles and academic publications for this short review. According to what’s available on the topic, the game is for 5-7 players and takes ideally 2-4 hours to complete. It comes under the form of a board with all the elements provided, and is made of 3 rounds (10,20 and 30 years) during which the players must react to arising circumstances to achieve a sustainable European scenario for 2050. It’s also really versatile as the circumstances can be modified according to the issues you want to tackle.
    Do you know where I can find the Toolkit, or why it was removed? I hope this problem gets resolved soon.

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