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P.ACT: Partnership Co-Design Toolkit

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This toolkit is targeted towards impact entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, partnership brokers and facilitators, and accelerators supporting impact entrepreneurs who are initiating value chain partnerships, partnerships where organizations seek to integrate existing or create new value chains. The Partnership Co-design Toolkit (P.ACT) includes four stages of co-design and 12 tools, each building on the previous, to bring partners closer, to developing a complete partnership model, and get ready to commit. The toolkit is designed to maximize partnership success and offers four features:
1) Co-design process: A four stage co-design framework to ensure inclusive participation and continuous engagement of all partners.
2) Value focus: Emphasis on defining both the value created and the value captured through the partnership. It focuses the partners' attention on generating value for their customers and beneficiaries as well as for their organisations.
3) Collaborative approach: Individual self-assessment and reflection alongside collective problem solving, constructive dialogue, decision making, and action planning.
4) Modular use: Enabling users to diagnose their partnership needs and helps them identify the right tools to move their partnership forward.
The resource includes step-by-step instructions, illustrative examples, worksheets to document outputs, facilitator tips, and templates, including some editable planning spreadsheets and checklists.

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