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The Paraffin toolbox consists of a wide selection of tools and approaches that focus on capacity building and active facilitation methods alongside work on creative projects. It contains a selection of 16 presentation templates that can be used when a workshop planner or facilitator needs inspiration, guidance or concrete methods within building workshops. The resource also includes articles and best practice guidance on running workshops, including virtual workshops. Many of the downloadable templates are available as editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.



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One review for "Paraffin Tools"

  1. Jane Kloster says:

    This is a tool that demands a trained facilitator, who is familiar with basic design and workshop methods. There is no introduction or guidance on how to use this selection of methods/templates. Therefor it can be difficult for beginners to understand how and when to use the collection. But for a trained facilitator and workshop planner this is a very low-fi, but good inspirational tool. Some of the methods worth highlighting is ‘Four Futures’ and ‘Newspaper template’. These methods are simple and fun ways of demystifying the future and making hopes and dreams more concrete.

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