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playbook for strategic foresight

Playbook for Strategic and Foresight Innovation

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This resource contains a method library and playbook for commonly used strategic foresight tools, organised by a guiding framework of five planning phases (perspective, opportunity, solution, team, and vision). While it does contain the tools themselves, the resource also contains extensive guidance on each method, including overall guidance, examples, instructions, insights, tips, and tool templates. It also contains overall guiding principles, underlying theories, and considerations for using and sequencing the methods as an integrated methodology. This resource is extensive but organised and navigable. It is oriented toward a growth-focused private sector context but can be adapted for use in the public sector. The resource can be downloaded for free or purchased as a physical copy.

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2 reviews for "Playbook for Strategic and Foresight Innovation"

  1. amitshettys says:

    The link is broken to the parent site is broken, the toolkit link page says not found. Please check

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Thanks for letting us know – we’ll update that. You can find the playbook here

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