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Servitization Mapping – A practical tool to explore strategic directions in a servitization shift

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The Servitization Mapping canvas is a practical tool intended for business-to-business manufacturers to explore strategic directions in a servitization shift, that is shifting from a product focus to a service focus. While this resource is oriented toward the private sector, public sector organisations, being primarily service organisations, may find it helpful for refining their service portfolios and being more service user-focused. The canvas is a template to map an existing product and service offering portfolio as well as clients and competitors in the ecosystem to explore the solutions space in which new service offerings can be developed. This resource includes a short guide as well as the canvas itself.

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One review for "Servitization Mapping – A practical tool to explore strategic directions in a servitization shift"

  1. Jane Kloster says:

    The canvas is a way of creating an overview and shared visual understanding of a company’s current product or service portfolio. According to the authors this allows businesses to align and agree on strategic directions and supports them in assessing which efforts and resources are needed to prepare the company and the market for new service offering. The paper includes the Servitization Mapping canvas and a detailed description on how and when to use it. In order to get the best outcome of the advanced canvas, there must be a trained facilitator in this or a similar method, helping the participants in the right direction and ensure progress. Before using the canvas, it is also necessary that the participants have acquired information and data about the current offerings of the company, offerings used and provided by clients and offerings of competitors. After using the canvas, it will be necessary to do a brainstorm session, so new product and service solutions can be created, and the company or organisation can take the next step since the tool is only a visual picture of the current status. The use of the canvas is limited and primarily developed for business-to-business purposes.

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