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SISCODE toolbox for co-creation journeys

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The main goal of the SISCODE Toolbox is to provide support for the co-creation labs in making sense of existing data, tools and toolkits. Co-creation is a non-linear process that involves multiple actors and stakeholders in the ideation, implementation and assessment of product services, policies and systems. The resource aims to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and the satisfaction of those who take part in the process. The SISCODE Toolbox aims to facilitate the design and implementation of co-creation journeys, focussing on better understanding and prioritisation of the particularities of each context. The selection of tools and toolkits intend to support the development of design-based processes from the problem analysis to the ideation of a solution, the development of a prototype and its experimentation in a real-world context. The resource includes a set of canvases and basic instructions for their use.

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One review for "SISCODE toolbox for co-creation journeys"

  1. The toolbox consists of four phases; analyse context, reframe problem, envision alternatives, and prototype and experiment. The toolbox is presented in an online pdf, why it feels like a report, one page after the other. However, the tone of voice and language is very accessible and even though the templates cannot be downloaded but need to be printed from this pdf – the templates are very good. They are simple and each task is presented as a question which makes is very clear and is very helpful for the facilitator. Also expected time of the tasks and materials required are explained. The Siscode toolbox is created by the EU-funded project Siscode that aims to stimulate the use of co-creation methodologies in policy design, using bottom-design-driven methodologies to pollinate Responsible Research and Innovation, and Science Technology and Innovation Policies. For more information on the Siscode project visit:

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